Forests for Elephants

In Thailand, where natural habitat for elephants is under pressure, Elephant Nature Park is pioneering a responsible tourism solution with support from the TUI Care Foundation.


In northern Thailand near Chiang Mai, the Elephant Nature Park is a refuge for abused or injured elephants. Tourists can visit the animals in their natural habitat, learn about their behaviour and enjoy elephant-friendly, cruelty-free excursions.

The Elephant Nature Park wants to buy additional land adjacent to the park so more elephants can be rescued and cared for. Bring the Elephant Home will help the park set up and maintain a tree nursery, plant trees and provide food for the elephants. Each year the nursery produces thousands of cuttings of twenty to thirty different tree species. A new seed bank will enable production of cuttings and generate income for the local community. The result? The Elephant Nature Park gets greener and more rescued elephants have good grazing habitat. 

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The Elephant Nature Park is a rehabilitation center for elephants in northern Thailand. The Park has been involved in dozens of elephant rescues and provides natural habitat for the animals.


This project was supported in 2012. 


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What you can do

Do you know how an elephant is tamed? Many tourists are unaware of the animal suffering behind the 'fun' of an elephant ride. Fortunately, there are plenty of elephant-friendly alternatives, like going on a safari to see these majestic animals in their natural environment.