Do you have a project you want to share with us? Please use our quickscan.
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Proposal Writing Guidelines for each programme are available below the quickscan. 

Is Your project eligible for support from TUI Care Foundation?

1. Does the project relate to the sustainable development of holiday destinations or youth & education?


TUI Care Foundation supports projects that drive sustainable development in holiday destinations and create new opportunities for younger generations around the world.

2. Does the project focus on young people & education, nature & environment, wildlife, or local employment, entrepreneurship and sustainable livelihoods in destinations?"


TUI Care Foundation supports projects that focus on:

  • young people and education
  • preservation of the natural environment in holiday destinations, including animal welfare
  • the development of thriving holiday destinations and communities
3. Will the project take place in a holiday destination?


TUI Care Foundation partnerships are focused on holiday destinations.

4. Can you confirm that your application is not seeking support for any of the following?
  • Personal assistance
  • Political or religious organisations
  • Scientific research that is not part of a larger project application
  • Investment in guest accommodation that is not local community-owned


TUI Care Foundation does not support projects that:

  • discriminate according to race, gender, sexual orientation, disability or political beliefs
  • have a political or religious purpose
  • focus on individual help
  • involve scientific research that is not part of a larger project application
  • involve investment in building, renovating or refurbishment of guest accommodation that is not owned by the local community.
5. Is the organisation a registered organisation?


TUI Care Foundation only works with registered organisations. These include for instance foundations, associations, companies and social enterprises.

6. Is the entity, or does the entity work with a local organisation at the destination where the project takes place?


TUI Care Foundation recommends that projects are implemented by local, registered organisations or offices at the holiday destination and which have an active board. Exceptions are made for organisations that do not cooperate with a local organisation or local office at the holiday destination, but which can prove that they will actively involve the local population in the project.

If the quickscan outcome is positive, we’d love to learn more about your plans. Please fill out the online application form.