Follow Tuba the Turtle on her journey through the Mediterranean Sea

Sea turtles cover extraordinary distances as they journey between their nesting and feeding grounds and migrate to warmer waters for the winter. Tracking their progress across the Mediterranean Sea with a GPS transmitter provides vital information about their feeding sites and migration routes which helps to safeguard their habitats. 

Following Tuba

Name Species Life Stage Release Date Last Location*
Tuba Loggerhead 25-30 28.08.2019


*Location is updated periodically (typically once a month).

As part of the "TUI Turtle Aid" programme to protect one million sea turtles worldwide, the TUI Care Foundation is working with DEKAMER, a sea turtle research, rescue and rehabilitation centre in Turkey.  With the help of a satellite transmitter, we’re tracking ‘Tuba’, a 25 year old turtle who was recently rescued from the sea after seriously injuring her shell. Now back to full health, she’s taken to the waters of the Mediterranean once again and we’re following her maritime journey. 

Follow Tuba’s progress on the map as she journeys through the Mediterranean Sea and join us on her adventure!

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