With the help of holidaymakers TUI Care Foundation is harnessing the positive impacts of tourism to make a difference for people and places in destinations around the world.
Preserve traditional wine making on lanzarote

Sun and volcanic soil create ideal conditions for the delicious Malvasia grape. The varietal is grown in the wine region La Geria, a unique landscape with a long history that has been a protected area since 1994.

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Train Zanzibari to be a guide

With the help of TUI Care Foundation, thirteen young Zanzibari will be selected for training to become a guide. They will follow an intensive training of six months, followed by a three month long internship.

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Chillies save elephant in tanzania

Elephants cannot stand the sharp smell of chillies and their trunks are very sensitive to bee stings. World Animal Protection has started installing chili fences and placing beehives in the fields around Tarangire National Park to keep the elephants away from crops and prevent them from getting wounded or killed.

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TUI Care Foundation officially kicks-off its support for ecological wine in Lanzarote
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New TUI Academy in Vietnam opens up new perspectives for youth in Hue City
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Safeguarding a sustainable future for the next generation in the Riviera Maya
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TUI Junior Academy in the Riviera Maya

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TUI Care Foundation builds on the potential of tourism as a force for good by supporting and initiating partnerships and projects that create new opportunities for the young generation and contribute to thriving destinations all over the world.

By connecting holidaymakers to good causes, we foster education and the wellbeing of children and youth, the protection of nature and the environment, and the positive impacts of tourism on people and places in destinations worldwide.

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