Destination Zero Waste Tunisia

Plastic and other waste products are contributing to an environmental crisis in Tunisia, where local communities and the tourism sector lack awareness about the opportunities for reducing waste and upcycling waste into other products.  

Together with Indinya, Destination Zero Waste Tunisia upcycles litter into eco-responsible, zero-waste souvenirs which showcase Tunisian culture. It creates a waste collection programme to collect plastic and glass waste and transform it into new, good quality, upcycled products. The project also uses practical workshops to raise awareness in the local community about environmental protection. 

Tourism in Tunisia generates large amounts of plastic waste, with twice as much being generated during the summer months in large tourist cities like Hammamet. Municipalities lack the financial means to ensure sustainable waste management in tourist areas and need help from other stakeholders to reduce financial and technical pressures and implement sustainable solutions.  

Currently, only 4-7% of Tunisia's waste is recycled which means that the waste management system isn’t as efficient or sustainable as it could be. For example, plastic waste is collected by so-called "barbechas", who are part of the informal economy. But they mainly collect water bottles made from plastic and other plastic bottles which they can sell on. All other plastic remains in the nature/landscape or ends up in landfills.  

With recycling and upcycling reducing the amount of waste that goes to Tunisia’s landfills, upcycling turns that same waste into a product of a higher quality which is more creative and can involve a wide variety of techniques and materials to create the finished product. It also reduces the load on Tunisia’s limited recycling infrastructure and is a positive option for the environment. 

Destination Zero Waste Tunisia develops a waste collection programme to upcycle approximately 17 000 kg of plastic and glass waste into a new products and souvenirs. It will collect 23 000 kg of waste and recycle 5 500 kg of different types of glass and plastic.  

The project also works with 15 local businesses to create a collaboration platform for different stakeholders that also use and transform waste material. Additionally, 1300 tourists will visit and take part in sustainable tourism experiences at 68 upcycling workshops which are being developed through the project. Eight jobs will also be created for members of the local community to be trained to become zero-waste animators and ambassadors of waste reduction. 


Indinya creates ecological products made from local and natural materials and promotes waste-reducing and sustainable living in everyday life. It offers a curated range of natural beauty essentials, hand-crafted homeware, and ethically sourced fashion to complement an eco-conscious lifestyle. Additionally, it aims to promote waste-reducing and sustainable living in everyday life. 

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