TUI Field to Fork Greece

Although agriculture and food production systems can be one of the key drivers of climate change, they also have the potential to be part of the solution to reverse it.

But being part of this solution needs the support of everyone, and private and public stakeholders can play a key role in this by organising local and regional, multi-stakeholder coalitions to create additional revenue and incentivise farmers to adopt regenerative agricultural  practices.​

TUI Field to Fork Greece supports farmers on the island of Crete to transition to regenerative agricultural practices with a focus on carbon reduction. It also strengthens existing links and establishes new connections between trained farmers, Food Production Units (FPUs), hotels and a local food retailer on Crete to increase their sales and offer of regenerative agricultural products in the tourism sector and beyond.

Staff in participating FPUs and hotels in Crete and Rhodes are trained on the value of sustainable food and on climate protection in food supply chains.

More than half of the world’s agricultural land is degraded, resulting in worldwide productivity losses of $400 billion a year. In addition, one third of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions come from food production - getting food from field to table involves growing, processing, packaging, storing, transporting, refrigerating, and cooking – all of which require energy and

contribute to the carbon footprint of food supply chains. The tourism food and beverage sector forms a significant part of carbon emissions in the tourism industry, representing 10% of its total carbon footprint.

But the economics of shifting to more sustainable agricultural practices are challenging, with the average annual family farm income in the EU nearly 60% lower than that of non-farming families. There’s also a lack of knowledge about regenerative agricultural and its benefits, such as greater food security, increased biodiversity, and improved ecosystem services.

With the Aegean region already facing significant desertification in some areas, TUI Field to Force Greece will support 300 farmers on Crete and 200 on Rhodes to transition to regenerative agricultural practices by implementing a full learning and practice cycle. One of the key focuses of this support will be reducing the carbon footprint of agricultural products.

Participating farmers are linked with 14 food production units and eight hotels to create better income opportunities, increase the offer of sustainable food products and raise awareness among staff and guests of regenerative food production. In addition, a local retailer chain will reach tourists and locals with the sustainable food offer. Hotel staff also receive training on the benefits and urgency of transition.

TUI Field to Fork contributes to the restoration or sustainable management of 300 hectares of land in the ‘Sustainable Food Destination’ of Crete and Rhodes.


About Futouris

Preserving the heritage of holiday destinations and developing a sustainable future for the travel industry - that is what Futouris stands for! Our members are committed to the improvement of living conditions, the conservation of biodiversity and the protection of environment and climate. Our aim is to help - in the long-term, comprehensively and sustainably. All measures are planned and implemented in close collaboration with the local people.

About Sustainable Food Destination Organization (SFDO) 

SFDO is a non-profit organisation that works with individuals, companies and other organisations to create Sustainable Food Destinations. Their vision is to create sustainable, thriving and resilient destinations that support local communities, and protect the earth’s resources, the right to travel, human rights and animal welfare. SFDO’s mission is to accelerate the widespread adoption of sustainable food production practices, to harness the collaborative power of its members and to create sustainable food destinations. 

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