TUI Academy Cape Verde

The TUI Academy Cape Verde offers young, disadvantaged people in Cape Verde access to certified vocational training and creates opportunities for them to enter the job market in the tourism hospitality industry. ​

Accessing education, training and ultimately the job market is not always easy in Cape Verde, especially for women. This initiative promotes social, economic and personal empowerment and supports young people to gain the skills they need for a career in hospitality industry. To guarantee employability, the TUI Academy Cape Verde creates a pilot dual training for the tourism sector, combining classroom learning with on-the-job training.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic hit Cape Verde’s School of Hospitality and Tourism particularly hard, so a solution to restart its activities, as well as to address the challenges faced by young people trying to find work in the tourism sector was much needed.  The TUI Academy Cape Verde is designed for young people from disadvantaged communities and provides the opportunity for vocational training to the population of Sal and Boavista Islands. 5 to 10 places will be reserved for the young population of Boavista Island in each intake.

The project will run until September 2025 and will train 350 young people in its dual training Culinary Arts Programme.

The project started with a pilot programme in 2022 to train the first 30 participants. 12 trainers are being trained and certified to deliver hospitality education and enable the success of the project.

The training model has a “dual” designation and comprises theoretic training in the classroom (40% of the total workload), as well as a practical training in employment (60% of the programme). The courses are based on the National Qualifications System training programme and modules are being jointly developed jointly with the participating units. The pilot training comprised 960 hours (360 hours for theoretical component and 600 hours, which is the equivalent of 5 months, in employment).

The training in highest demand is the Culinary Arts programme, which aims to prepare the young Cape Verdeans to work in the hospitality sector. So, the TUI Academy Cape Verde will start with this course and add specialised classes in hospitality and restaurant skills as ongoing training for the existing staff at hotels on Sal Island. Training in behavioural and motivational skills is also included, to prepare the trainees for the demands of the market. Trainees will use different techniques and equipment to recreate a normal day of work in a hotel or restaurant as much as possible.


The Escola de Hotelaria e Turismo de Cabo Verde (School of Hospitality and Tourism of Cape Verde - EHTCV) has the mission to promote the development of skills for the exercise of professional activities in the areas of hospitality, catering and tourism.

The vision of this academic institution is to become a technological training centre of reference in the development of skills and promotion of knowledge in the areas of Hospitality, Catering and Tourism. This can be achieved by capitalising on the geostrategic position and competitiveness of Cape Verde.


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