Sustainable Wine-Making on Lanzarote

„We are the only landscape in the world that plants not only in volcanic sands, but does so in holes digging up to the mother earth.”

“With this project of the TUICareFoundation we are now connecting directly with consumers who visit us, and with tourists in hotels and restaurants -among which we are promoting the consumption of organic wine.”

The vineyards of La Geria on the Canary island of Lanzarote are a treat for the eyes. Traditionally each vine was protected by a hand-built wall of lava rocks to shield it from the wind. But over the past five or six years the region has come under threat as farmers abandon the land and the vines have been neglected. TUI Care Foundation supports a project to preserve this cultural heritage of traditional winemaking, by developing ecological winemaking on the island and providing locals with disabilities new opportunities for employment.