TUI Care Foundation About us

About us

Building on the potential of tourism as a force for good, the TUI Care Foundation supports and initiates partnerships and projects which create new opportunities and contribute to thriving communities all over the world.

Connecting holidaymakers to good causes, it supports education and training opportunities for young people; promotes the protection of the natural environment in holiday destinations; and helps local communities to thrive sustainably and benefit from tourism.

The TUI Care Foundation works globally and acts locally - it builds on strong partnerships with local and international organisations to create meaningful and long-lasting impact. The TUI Care Foundation was founded by TUI, the world’s leading tourism business, and is based in the Netherlands.


Strategic plan 2017-2020
Would you like to know more about our aspirations? TUI Care Foundation has developed the strategic plan 2017-2020 Caring for a Better World which gives insights into who we are, the challenges we face, the approach we take and the ambitions we aspire.


With the help of holidaymakers we are harnessing the positive impacts of tourism to make a difference for people and places in destinations around the world.


We are transparent
We are transparent about our spending. All administration costs of TUI Care Foundation are covered by TUI.

We are positive
We focus on solutions rather than problems and strongly believe that tourism can be a global force for good: it brings people together and fosters cultural understanding and solidarity; it transfers knowledge and prosperity; and it drives the development of societies around the world.

We are global
We ‘work global and act local’. This allows us to have meaningful impact on people and places.

We are engaging
We involve holidaymakers in our work by encouraging them to make a positive difference in the destinations they travel to.