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In Cape Verde and Zanzibar, tourism plays a vital role in the economy. The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated how dependent these destinations are on tourism and that there is huge potential for innovation in the field of sustainable tourism.

Facilitating social entrepreneurship can support the development of meaningful jobs which offer employment and opportunities to vulnerable and underrepresented groups. This is particularly true for younger population, where youth unemployment rates are high.

The project will train four, innovative tourism entrepreneurs (aged 18-30) who will then create a new Social Innovation Academy in Cape Verde and Zanzibar.

Job creation is critical and social entrepreneurship can play a key role in creating meaningful and sustainable jobs for the younger population. High youth unemployment and a dependency on tourism make Cape Verde and Zanzibar particularly vulnerable to the impact of global events such as the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The project will give participants the option to create a new Social Innovation Academy (SINA) or social enterprise in their own countries.

The SINA model helps young people to create entrepreneurial sustainable tourism organisations. The project will select four young people from Cape Verde and Zanzibar who will train at the Social Innovation Academy in Uganda for nine months.

At the SINA academy they will earn how to any overcome negative beliefs that may limit their confidence. From there they will be trained in accounting, logistics and entrepreneurship and attend life coaching and mentoring workshops. They will then go through an “enterprise stage” where they will be taught how to turn their ideas into reality. This will provide them the foundations of how to set up a viable social enterprise.

Once they have completed their training in Uganda, they will return to Cape Verde and Zanzibar to set up their own community space or enterprise.


SINA helps young people to reach their full potential and create their own sustainable solutions and enterprises around the world.


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