German Consul gets a taste of “Flavours of Málaga”

Earlier in July, the German Consul to Málaga, Mr. Arnulf Braun, took the opportunity to visit TUI Care Foundation’s and Saxion University’s project “Flavours of Málaga”. Through this project, TUI Care Foundation aims to empower an association of vulnerable women in Málaga, “La Alacena del Corralón”, by making cooking the key to an innovative way of experiencing the city’s rich cultural heritage while at the same time opening up new perspectives for these women.

Mr. Braun took part in one of the very first excursions to visit the traditional buildings in the working-class areas of Málaga, the Corralones. One of the buildings, the Corralón Santa Sofía, is at the heart of this project. From now on, this is where the women receive guests, share personal stories, offer local food and allow for an intimate glimpse into their lifestyle. Mr. Braun said: “It is remarkable to see what the women have established here together with the TUI Care Foundation and the Saxion University. It touches upon the need for local business development and progress in terms of equality”. The Consul was accompanied by Jost Neumann, Head of Strategic Programmes of the TUI Care Foundation, and by more than 40 holidaymakers who had booked the excursion, as part of their holidays, to taste the local flavours of Málaga. The visitors were diving deep into the local atmosphere and they had the opportunity to buy products from the women such as a book with local recipes and handcrafted pestles and mortars.

After a year of workshops and preparations, the women of “La Alacena del Corralón” realised their first tourism experience for a large group of holidaymakers from the Netherlands and Germany. The intimate atmosphere, warm-hearted women, and excellent food made it an authentic and unique experience for all participants. A great success and big moment for everyone involved. One of the visitors commented: "We've been to Málaga several times but never before did we get the chance to look behind the curtains like this. It has been wonderful and the fact that this excursion contributes to a better living standard for this charming group of women makes it extra special." The visiting group was shown around the neighbourhood of El Perchel, which forms the heart of popular traditions and key characteristics of Málaga such as Flamenco, gastronomy and architecture

The project is an example of how touristic excursions have positive social impact while enhancing the experience of the visitors, creating a deeper bond between them and their holiday destination. The excursions will continue in the fall and an event communicating the results of the past and prospects for the future will be taking place in late 2019.

TUI Care Foundation wants to say thank you to each and every one who was directly or indirectly involved to make this happen. Without you, it would not have been possible.