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Adopt a Turtle

Do you want to do a turtley-good deed?!

Adopt a baby turtle and make a difference to the planet by supporting these incredible creatures of the sea.

Sea turtles are the ancient mariners of our oceans. But with all seven turtle species now endangered, their survival is at risk. By adopting a loggerhead sea turtle you’ll be helping to protect these magnificent reptiles.

With your turtle adoption you can nominate a name for your baby turtle and choose a birthday (hatch date) between June and October 2021. After you’ve adopted a turtle, you’ll receive a confirmation email. As soon as your baby turtle hatches, you, or your chosen person, will receive an adoption certificate from our local conservation partner Project Biodiversity and a picture of your newly hatched baby turtle via email.

👉For example: Lisa wants to adopt a turtle for Tom as a gift. She calls the turtle “Tom Junior” and chooses September 9, 2021 as the hatching day. She adopts a turtle on the TUI Care Foundation website and receives a confirmation email and PDF.

On September 9, 2021, Tom will receive an email from our partner Project Biodiversity with a picture of Tom Junior and the official adoption certificate!

😊 🐢❤️ Welcome to the world, Tom Junior!


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