Cycling towards a brighter future

A quality education, an interesting job, an attractive employer or being self-employed. The Pikala bicycle initiative in Marrakesh gives young people leaving school an opportunity to develop useful new skills, find employment or go on to work for themselves.

The project

The unemployment rate in Morocco is high, particularly among young people in cities. Setting yourself up independently offers the opportunity to get started in a career and earn an income however most school leavers lack the proper training and the investment needed to get them started. This is where Pikala comes in.

Working with TUI Care Foundation, Pikala offers around 90 young Moroccans vocational training to become either a bike tour guide or bike mechanic. As a result of this training more than 30 of the participants from each intake will go on to work with Pikala independently as guides, mechanics or join the business in other positions such as marketing. Traditionally being a guide has been  a  male job in Morocco but through Pikala women are also joining the ranks.

So when holiday makers book a bike tour with Pikala, they not only discover the wonders of the city of Marrakesh they also support local Moroccans towards a better future. Bring on those kilometres!

Pikala promotes the use of bicycles as cycling is a sustainable, healthy and fun way for locals and holiday makers to move through magnificent Marrakesh.  



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