TUI Futureshapers Namibia

In Namibia, where unemployment rates are high and vehicles are still mostly gas powered, TUI Futureshapers Namibia aims to break barriers, create jobs and reshape industries by training women as drivers and city tour guides. The project is about sustainable transportation, empowerment and progress – creating a fleet of electric vehicles in Windhoek, driven exclusively by skilled female drivers, and addressing socio-economic, environmental and infrastructural challenges head-on.

Although road transportation in Namibia is currently dominated by gas-powered vehicles, the number of electric cars and charging networks is growing, with a target of 96,500 electric vehicles (EV’s) on the road by 2025. TUI Futureshapers Namibia focuses on developing a fleet of all electric vehicles in Windhoek driven by female drivers. In addition to driving, the women receive training to become professional tour guides offering customers with unique tours of Windhoek, enriching the visitor experience and boosting local tourism.

As well as contributing to female employment, the project also has a positive impact on environmental conservation. By replacing gas-powered vehicles with electric ones, the project provides a breath of fresh air by reducing CO2 emissions and urban noise pollution. It also supports local economic growth through decreased fuel costs and the creation of new job opportunities in EV maintenance and the renewable energy sectors. Infrastructure development changes pave the way for a more sustainable and technologically advanced future, marked by an increase in EV charging stations and innovation. The EV vehicles also serve as an educational tool, raising awareness about sustainability and inspiring curiosity for a greener tomorrow.

And it's not just about wheels turning - the project is also a catalyst for economic empowerment and social progress. By empowering women in traditionally male-dominated fields, TUI Futureshapers Namibia helps to reshape societal norms and advance gender equality. Through local insights and traditions, the female guides preserve Namibia's rich cultural tapestry, whilst also providing their customers with diverse perspectives, authentic experiences and personalised tours of Windhoek. This benefits local tourism and drives economic inclusion at the same time. By training women as professional tour guides, they’re able to showcase tourism in Windhoek's and help steer Namibia towards a greener and more inclusive future.


LEFA is an urban mobility startup based in Windhoek, Namibia, aiming to revolutionise the passenger transportation and logistics industry by tapping into the potential of modern technology to offer a seamless, safe, efficient and sustainable transportation experience for its users.

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