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Hier kun je foto's, videos en het laatste jaarverslag van TUI Care Foundation downloaden.


  • Berlin, 13 November 2017: Empowering Dominican Youth through Education. Download
  • Berlin, 18 October 2017: Tourism: Cape Verde goes greener with collaborative approach. Download
  • Berlijn, 17 augustus 2017. TUI Care Foundation supports Pikala: Moroccans cycling the road towards a better future. Download

  • Berlijn, 18 juli 2017. TUI Care Foundation supports future ambassadors for South Africa’s nature and wildlife. Download

  • Berlijn, 30 juni 2017. Building an elephant friendly future in South Asia. Download

  • Berlijn, 9 maart 2017. Kreta – on the way to becoming a model destination for sustainable food on holiday. Download


Chilipeper redt olifant, Tanzania
Behoud van traditionele wijnbouw, Lanzarote