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Production durable de vin à Lanzarote

"Nous sommes le seul paysage au monde à planter non seulement dans les sables volcaniques, mais également dans des trous creusés dans la terre nourricière." "Ce que ce projet de la TUI Care Foundation nous a apporté, c'est que nous sommes en contact direct avec les consommateurs qui nous rende ... En savoir plus
TUI Blue signs agreement to buy products from local producers in Mugla, Turkey

Flavours from the Fields

La région de Muğla en Turquie accueille 3,5 millions de touristes chaque année. Elle abrite quelques lieux touristiques incontournables du pays, tels que Bodrum, Marmaris et Fethiye. En collaboration avec The Travel Foundation, la TUI Care Foundation a récemment lancé son projet Flavours from th ... En savoir plus

“Flavours from the fields” gathers strong support among local stakeholders

Over 60 people came together in the first week of April to celebrate the launch of the TUI Care Foundation’s “Flavours from the Fields” initiative. The event was held at the Muğla Chamber of Commerce and Industry and opened by its Chairman Mr. Mustafa Ercan, followed by a keynote speech from Fra ... En savoir plus

Tasting Crete in Berlin

Earlier in March, more than 70 people gathered at ITB Berlin's City Cube to discuss sustainable food production and learn more about the impact of TUI Care Foundation's project “Crete - First steps towards a sustainable food destination”. In partnership with Futouris and Local Food Experts, the ... En savoir plus

TUI Cares for Turkey

With the help of the tourism industry, 150 rural producers will improve their access to markets in the Muğla region of Turkey Boosting the quantity and quality of local delicacies will increase income and employment in  rural communities Project will preserve gastronomic heritage and enhance ... En savoir plus