With its beautiful golden beaches, rich indigenous culture and world-renowned cuisine, it’s no wonder that this corner of paradise is one of the world’s most visited countries. Tourism is a key driver of economic growth in Mexico, but with the ongoing travel restrictions and the massive drop in the number of tourists, is the country´s key economic sector and vital source of employment under threat? 


Meet the Businesses!


What we do: We are a tourist transport rental company

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Makai Life SA de CV

What we do:  A healthy cafe and restaurant offering breakfast and lunch in a garden setting.

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Awa Hotel

What we do: We are a small luxury hotel empowering sustainable tourism and inclusive employment in Chiapas’ Pacific Coast.

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What we do: We provide an all-inclusive, full service for groups and destination weddings in Mexico.

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Mezcal Rancho La Quinta

What we do: We locally manufacture mezcal through wild agaves and provide a custom tourism experience through the ranch and factory. 

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Comercializadora Snacktural SA de CV

What we do: We specialize in providing cultural and culinary tours to Mayan villages and cooking classes.

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Torreya Consulta S.A.S.

What we do: We advise destinations and tourism companies that want to know the market, improve their sustainable practices and generate local economic development.

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Clorofila Vegan

What we do: We are a vegan restaurant offering a wide variety of organic, gluten-free and healthy options inspired from different cuisines around the world.

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Masala y Maiz S.A.P.I. de C.V.

What we do: Masala y Maiz is a local restaurant at the intersection of Mexico, India & Kenya.

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What we do: We provide a digital access control systems for SMEs that facilitates identification and speeds up the entry process. 

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What we do: We provide adventure ecotours and show the biodiversity of the mountain through our volunteer work.

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What we do: We develop technological tools and tourism educational programs between Mexico and Asian countries.

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Natoure SAPI de C.V.

What we do: We are innovating to build a more inclusive world reconnecting us with nature.

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Zona Turística de Yaxunah S.C. DE R. L. DE C. V.

What we do: We provide tourists with authentic cultural activities.

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Casa Tia Anita SRL de CV

What we do: A beautiful boutique hotel in a little town where time stopped 100 years ago.

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What we do: We provide intercultural experiences developing diverse programs for a wide range of audiences.

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Coyote Aventuras SA de CV

What we do: A company that offers outdoor and cultural experiences to travellers.

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Blue Nation Ecoturismo S.A. de C.V.

What we do: Small eco tourism company driven by love & respect for the ocean.

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Boho Spa Center S de RL de CV

What we do: Luxury day spa committed to bringing wellness to clients and employees.

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What we do: Travel agency specialized in providing youth with travel opportunities to Europe and USA.

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Rojo Achiote S.A. de C.V.

What we do: DMC Agency and tour operator that offers personalized services across all of Mexico. 

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Food Tours de Mexico SA de CV

What we do: We provide tourists with the authentic Mexican dining experiences through food tours across Cancun Local Restaurants.

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Artistas Dzalbay

What we do: We are the home of live music. Dzalbay is the main Jazz and Blues venue in Merida,

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Guestvox SAPI de CV

What we do: We support hotels and restaurants in delivering quality services.

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Grupo Wayak´ Viajes y Coaching S.A. de C.V.

What we do: We build transformational experiences for corporate and individual clients, tailor-made to their needs. 

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Chocolatería Biziáa S.C. de R.L. de C.V.

What we do: Cooperativa makes fair trade chocolate and cocoa drinks rescuing the culture of our country.

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La Mano del Mono / Modelo Market Ready

What we do: We create alliances to contribute towards wellbeing of communities connected to protected areas.

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Consultora Humana Introspecta S.A. de C.V.

What we do: Trekking and ecotourism company that creates human connections and transformation through nature.

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What we do: We integrate the best Solar Energy technologies and brands to provide the best energy saving solution to our clients, whether for the home or for industry and commerce.

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What we do: We are dedicated to offering nature tourism services through trails and caves.

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What we do: Vineyard producer of grapes and wine, provides oenological experiences to tourists and wine lovers.

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Oaxaca viajero transportadora turistica S. A. de C.V.

What we do: We promote cultural and rural tourism development.

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Movimiento de Jóvenes por el Agua A.C.

What we do: We are an NGO that promotes conservation, ecotourism and environmental education projects in Mexico.

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Ruta Origen

What we do: We co-design and operate tourism experiences with communities to generate alternative income.

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Xentour Operadora Turística

What we do: We create customized local tourism experiences with a focus on community. 

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Refugio Guest House S.A. de C.V.

What we do: We blend the warmth of the traditional guest houses with the comfort of a boutique hotel.

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Las Torcacitas, Sociedad de Producción Rural de Respponsabilidad Limitada

What we do: We provide camping trips to reconnect with nature and experience a new style of culinary tourism. 

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Belilula SAPI de CV

What we do: Glamping Campsites & Outdoor Hospitality Services.

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Viajes y Expeeriencias EG SAPI de CV

What we do: We are a social enterprise dedicated to promoting and preserving sustainable tourism in the South of Mexico. 

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What we do: Dive Mike is a water sports operator at Playa Del Carmen, México. A PADI Resort for over 12 years and a Dive Center focused on technical and cave diving since 2003.

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Operadora turistica viajes que iluminan SA de CV

What we do: We aim to regenerate the dynamic of the touristic industry in Mexico.

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What we do: Lodging in a natural sanctuary, where art and science provide a comfortable and memorable experience.

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What we do:  We design tourism experiences to explore cenotes. 

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Museo de Ropa Étnica de México

What we do: We are a nonprofit museum promoting Mexico´s history and diversity through the ethnic clothing on view.

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What we do: We provide a varied gastronomy experience right in the heart of Tampico.

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Mi2U S.C.

What we do: We help businesses to develop strategies in Technology, Organization, Sales and Networking.

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What we do: Ximbala creates and implements genuine sustainable touristic experiences for young students

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The Hub MTY AC

What we do: We offer entrepreneurship education and empowerment programs for underserved and vulnerable communities. 

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Hermandad Cervecera de Mexico

What we do: We locally produce craft beer, commercialize and promote it through festivals and events in the community. 

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Hotel Pórtico S.A. de C.V.

What we do: We provide accommodation and an unforgettable artistic experience for travelers visiting Morelia.

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Allez Technologies

What we do: CulturAllez provide geolocation and AR experiences to anyone who wants to explore cultural historical places in Mexico.

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Mosores Group SAS de CV

What we do: We provide LGBTQIA+ tourists and locals with the space, experiences and opportunities to travel and explore safely and freely. 

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Gruta Chocantes, Sociedad Cooperativa de Responsabilidad Limitada de Capital Variable

What we do: We provide tourism experiences rooted in enjoying and preserving nature. 

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STA Consultores S.C.

What we do: We are specialized in planning, measurement & strategy generation for the tourism and meeting industries.

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What we do: We are an incentive travel specialist focused on motivational experiences.

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Getabed Suite

What we do: An advanced technology solution for small and independent hotels that wants to sell online

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Bonimur Travel SA de CV

What we do: Land transportation for tourists and guided tours.

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Expertos en convenciones

What we do: We are a Mexican company specializing in the organization and logistics for convention groups, conferences, and incentive trips nationally and internationally.

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Penzi RL. de CV

What we do: A holistic wedding planner atelier, we are caterers, designers we employ florist waiters cooks.

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Jaalkab Cabanas

What we do: We offer the best ecological cabins in Yucatán Peninsula, a place to find yourself.

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Viva Mexico!  

Mexico is the leading tourism destination in Latin America, welcoming six times more international visitors than its second-place counterpart, Argentina. It’s also where travellers spend the most money. With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, tourism has come to a standstill in the country and total tourism consumption is now expected to decrease by approximately 1.6 trillion Mexican pesos (€1.49 billion) in 2020. (Statista)  

The picture is one of low hotel occupancy rates, restaurants operating at limited capacity and insecurity due to travel restrictions or quarantine obligations. This means that the tourism sector could see its contribution to national GDP fall below 5% this year, a significant decrease from its previous average of 8.5% between 2010 and 2018.  

The reality for entrepreneurs and new businesses is that they have been hardest hit by the sudden drop in tourism. Currently, there are half a million small and medium companies (SMEs), which represents 99.8% of the country’s tourism industry. (INEGI)  

"In parallel to the big sun-and-beach businesses, Mexico´s tourism industry is supported in large part by its micro-and small enterprises” says Mauricio Miramontes, Partnerships Director of La Mano del Mono, a Mexican organization developing The Market Ready Model to create certainty in the value chain of ecotourism in order to conserve the country´s natural protected areas and promote the development of its communities. “In ecotourism and adventure tourism, according to the Market Ready Analysis, more than 90% of tourism enterprises were emerging in the industry. With the outbreak of the pandemic, these enterprises were thrown into a situation of uncertainty towards their future, and more than 1 million Mexican families who are trying to complement their livelihoods with tourism are now vulnerable.”  

In an effort to mitigate the consequences of the global pandemic, the Mexican Institute for Social Security offered financial support to over 645,000 companies in April - 500,000 of which had less than 5 employees. This aid package was particularly directed at travel agencies and tourism-related businesses.   

To help protect as many of the 1.7 million jobs in tourism SMEs as possible and support the recovery and growth of tourism and tourism-related businesses, enpact and the TUI Care Foundation have partnered up to launch the COVID-19 Relief Programme for Tourism, funded by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). 

Although this crisis has tested the resilience of the global tourism industry, there’s now an opportunity to come back even stronger than before. 

“The coronavirus pandemic was not all bad.” Mauricio states, “the mandatory standstill of the industry has generated the space to change the rules of the game within the industry. New national laws have been developed to define carrying capacities in order to limit overtourism in destinations consisting of natural areas. This ultimately contributes to a more sustainable future for tourism in Mexico”. 

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