The African savannah has long been the setting for countless movies depicting intrepid explorers facing the uncharted dangers of nature and the endless beauty of these dry plains. The magnificent Rift Valley, one of the disputed cradles of humankind, is also the home to a rich fauna and flora revered by travellers worldwide. With the outbreak of the global coronavirus pandemic and its ensuing travel restrictions, how has this natural wonder of the world managed without its tourists?

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Africa Last Minute Limited: 

What we do: Africa Last Minute is a B2B Destination Management company.

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African Skimmer Safaris

What we do: African Skimmer Safaris provide travel solutions to customers by offering quality and reliable services.

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What we do: Fleetsimplify is a fleet management platform for mobility as a service apps.

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Gofan Safaris

What we do: Gofan Safaris provides safaris and VIP transportation service in Kenya and East Africa countries.

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Hospitality Group East Africa Limited

What we do: Hospitality Group East Africa Limited link travelers with their Airport Transportation Providers.

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Infinity Outdoors Limited

What we do: Outdoor Education & Adventure Tourism providers operating throughout Kenya.

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Merry and memories Tours and Travel

What we do: Merry and memories is a tours and travel company offering tours, travel, expeditions and excursions.

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Mutata Africa Ltd

What we do: Mutata Africa Ltd provides affordable curated travel experiences to local & international tourists.

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Muthoki holdings

What we do: Family run Eco lodge on 40 acres of reclaimed indigenous forest, improving community/environment.

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One Horizon Africa Asia & Americas LTD

What we do: A humanitarian organisation running sustainable projects to lift women and aged people from poverty.

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Pack & Go Tours and Travel Ltd

What we do: Pack & Go Tours and Travel Ltd is a family run agency committed to offering enjoyable holidays.

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Volunteer Action for Change Kenya

What we do: VACK utilizes the volunteerism approach where travelers engage in community work as they explore.

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The Cradle Limited

What we do: The Cradle is a hotel which provides accommodation, conference and restaurant services.

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Solar Freeze

What we do: Solar Freeze provides productive use assets such as solar powered fridges for off-grid tour camps.

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Outburst Limited

What we do: Outburst Limited provides services geared towards betterment of mankind and developing great teams for our clients.

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Viamala Limited

What we do: Viamala supplies fresh vegetables, fruits, and meat to beach hotels and restaurants where tourists flock. 

Symbiotic Concepts

What we do: Symbiotic Concepts is a fashion social enterprise for local and international tourists.

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Woni Safaris and Travel Limited

What we do: A tour operator servicing clients in Africa.

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Rhodes Holdings Ltd.

What we do: Tours and travel agency offering an array of bespoke tourism services in East Africa

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Turnup Rides

What we do: Turnup Rides is a GDS enabled an online booking platform for ground transportation, hosts and guides

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Wild World Expeditions

What we do: Wild World Expeditions delivers tailored, environmentally-friendly, private tour experiences in East Africa.

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The African FoodTrail

What we do: The African foodtrail helps you discover the backstreets of Africa one plate at a time. 

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Vinis (k) limited

What we do: Vinis (k) limited conduct coffee tourism by introducing producers to consumers as part of a “farm to cup” approach.

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Sustainable Travel & Tourism Agenda Ltd

What we do: Providing solutions for sustainable tourism development in Africa

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Runners Paradise Expenditions & Safaris Ltd

What we do: Runners Paradise is a tour and safari company specialized in sports, wildlife, adventure safaris, and holiday tours. 

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Jambo Kenya!

So far in 2020, Kenya has lost KES 80 billion (around EUR 626 million), which represents half of last year´s total tourism revenue. For the two million Kenyans working in this industry – which comprises 10% of national economic output - the coronavirus pandemic has caused unprecedented trauma.  

“Of the 27 hotels in operation in our county, only five were able to remain open during the pandemic“ explains  Mr. Jacob Tanui of the Central Executive Committee in the Department of Trade Invesment & Industrialization of Nandi County, Western Kenya, “The pandemic really had a devastating effect on the tourism industry. Indebted employers are up against their own employees in court due to non-payed wages, entrepreneurs do not have the liquidity to pay their suppliers and landlords keep claiming for unpaid rent. Everyone is affected, from the biggest of players to the smallest of bead-makers who source their livelihoods from tourism.”  

The problems seem to reach beyond those working directly in the tourism industry. For wildlife conservations, for example, where 80 to 90% of management costs are covered by income from tourism, the situation is dire. 30 years of continuous effort are now under threat as these primary mechanisms for securing wildlife space and connecting habitats, that cover 11% of Kenya´s territory, are denied their primary source of funding. (Kenya Wildlife Conservancies Association) 

“Besides this natural wealth, the Rift Valley is also the location for training camps for international athletes,“ says Mr. William Kimonosop, the North Rift Tourism Coordinator based near the city of Eldoret, “With the travel restrictions and the drop in tourism, these camps have had to close down alongside most small shops and entertainment services in the area.”  

In a bid to avoid the collapse of this essential industry, the Kenyan Ministry of Tourism had announced as early as March that KES 500 million (almost EUR 4 million) would be made available to restore destination confidence and support the post-pandemic recovery strategy. (Nation)  

As the government gears up to fight the negative consequences of the pandemic, are we now able to see the light at the end of the tunnel for tourism in Kenya? Is there something good that can come out of this situation?  

“Ordinary Kenyans are now increasingly exploring and discovering their own cultural heritage and environment“ Mr. Kimonosop says “for the first time, thousands have travelled to observe the wildebeest migrations”.  

“During the pandemic, health and safety protocols have been made and this will increase our competency level as a destination and as a country” adds Susan M. Ongalo, the Chief Executive Officer of the Kenyan Tourism Federation. “The Ministry of Tourism is in the process of reviewing the tourism policy to operate within the new normal. The National Convention Bureau, which is the anchor of Meetings Incentives Conference Expo (MICE) have formulated a new MICE Strategy for Kenya during the coronavirus pandemic.”  

 In order to participate in this potentially positive impact chain, enpact and the TUI Care Foundation have teamed up to launch the COVID-19 Relief Programme for Tourism, funded by the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). 

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