The ancient city of Petra has long been an inspiration to travellers from around the world, attracting millions to its picturesque, stone-carved façade of Ad Deir. This marvel of antiquity has stood the test of time and survived the rule of Romans, Byzantines and Arabs alike. Today, the jewel in Jordan´s tourism crown faces a new kind of test, as a global pandemic lays waste to an industry which had an otherwise bright future. 

Meet the Businesses!

Titanic For Digital Services

What we do: Enchanting travelers and empowering hosts, by enabling the era of “people – to people travels.

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Rose Women Adventure Team (RWA)

What we do: Rose Women adventure team works in women empowerment.

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York travels

What we do: York travels are specialized in reservations for issuing hotels vouchers, tickets, packaging in & outside Jordan.

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Hamza Abu Mahfouz & Partners Company (Aqaba Sharks Bay Divers)

What we do: Family owned and operated diving centre proudly showing visitors Jordan’s unique marine environments.

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Granada Leisure Centre

What we do: Granada Leisure Centre offers families and kids sport, entertainment, and adventure activities to enjoy quality family time

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Adventure PROS

What we do: Outdoor operator with focus on Adventure tourism targeting individuals, tourists and corporate teams.

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Chiliways Restaurant

What we do: Chiliways is one of the leading fast food service chains in Jordan.

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The Cabin Hostel

What we do: The Cabin is a newly opened and the best-rated hostel in Amman,

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Experience Baraka Consulting for Sustainable Tourism Development

What we do: We partner with local communities to tell their story through tourism and creating decent jobs.

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Panda One Travel and Tourism

What we do:  Panda One provides tailored vacation and travel experiences for all occasions. 

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My right to work

What we do: My right to work create a digital platform for women around Jordan to manufacture, sell and market accessories and handicrafts, made through recycling consumables. 

Jordan Geography Tourism and Travel CO

What we do: We organize trips and tours in Jordan for travelers.

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Shate’e Al nakheel consultancy

What we do: We provide community-based cultural experiences

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Abbey Road

What we do: Abbey Road is an old house from the late 1800s that’s been renovated to provide authentic dining experiences, mixing traditional Arabic cuisine with modern innovations from around the world.

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Experience Jordan for travel and Tourism

What we do: We are inbound tour company specialised in soft adventures and experiential tourism

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Global Organiser Travel & Tourism

What we do: Offering travel experiences to give guests a deep personal glimpse in culture, history, people and more.

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What we do: Sawwah is a booking platform that promotes genuine tourism experiences offered by local communities.

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Salam Jordan!

2020 has seen a U-turn in Jordanian tourism. With revenue up by 13.6% in the first two months, the year started in a position of promising growth. But as the Coronavirus pandemic hit and strict nationwide lockdown rules came into force, the end of the first quarter saw an overall decrease of 10.7%. March carried much of the weight of responsibility for this decline; in one month alone, revenues dropped by a staggering 56.5%. (Central Bank of Jordan) 

In a country where tourism represents 13.8% of the total GDP, things have changed considerably. Last year, double digit growth brought JOD 4.2 billion in revenue (around EUR 5 billion) and 5.4 million visitors. Now, the pandemic has erased any feeling of optimism about the future of tourism.   

“One of the key issues that small enterprises in particular are facing right now is the lack of access to funding“ - says Mohammed Khair Obaidat, Director of the Queen Rania Centre for Entrepreneurship, a non-profit organization established to help develop technology entrepreneurships in Jordan, “this problem is further exacerbated for the many companies that were already facing financial issues before the crisis even started.” 

The Jordanian government has put its weight behind the problem to provide assistance to the ailing tourism industry. Under a new set of laws, sales tax on the tourism sector has been reduced from 16% to 8%, and JOD 150 million (around EUR 179 million) has been allocated in financing programmes to help tourism establishments across the country.

Not everything related to the COVD-19 outbreak is bad news, however. “The pandemic forced companies to develop and accelerate the implementation of their digitalization strategies“ - Mohammed explains. “Moreover, different technologies originating in the tourism industry, such as innovative payment processes, are finding their way into other areas of economic activity in Jordan, which will ultimately help the economy as a whole“. 

However, low interest rates provided by the government will serve only as an emergency first-aid kit for small businesses. So, in an effort to pitch in and help rebuild and restart the Jordanian tourism industry, enpact and the TUI Care Foundation have teamed up to launch the COVID-19 Relief Programme for Tourism, funded by the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).


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