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Whether you’re seeking white beaches and clear water, colourful flora and fauna, bustling metropolises and nightlife, or smiling people and new cultures, holidays are the best time of year to discover and relax. These tips will help you contribute to the preservation of holiday destinations, so you can enjoy great holidays long into the future.

Respect local cultures

Photos are a wonderful holiday souvenir, but always take local culture into account. It is polite to ask permission to photograph people and remember that taking pictures of churches or mosques may not always be appreciated. Dress respectfully, learn a few words of the language and respect local customs.


Choose responsible entertainment

Sometimes the best way to discover a beautiful location and interesting people is to take the ‘slow’ lane: discovering a city by bike or on foot is a healthy and relaxed way to get to know your destination and see things like a ‘local’. When you visit a World Heritage site, stick to the visiting rules so you can continue to enjoy the site in future.

Do not buy “wrong“ souvenirs

Nature is at its best in its true environment. Souvenirs made from endangered plants or animals can damage or destroy the environment at your destination. They also incur a hefty fine: when in doubt, do not buy.


Animals are not entertainment

Animals can be mistreated and exploited in the name of tourist entertainment. They may be drugged, illegally caught, abused and can even injure you or transmit diseases. To counter animal cruelty and illegal trade, we recommend you do not have photos taken with wild animals.

Don’t encourage strays

Refrain from touching and feeding stray animals during your holiday. The animals get used to it, forget how to fend themselves and end up wandering near food outlets. They can also transmit diseases. If you really want to help, consider taking food to a nearby animal shelter instead.


Be water, energy and waste-wise

Water and energy can be in scarce supply at your holiday destination. Use air conditioning and lighting only when needed and don’t let taps run unnecessarily. Consider using your bed linen and towels for another day by telling the cleaner or reception. Bin your waste, and recycle where possible.


Do not give money to children

Child beggars are often manipulated by untrustworthy adults, and when you buy from child vendors, you are unwittingly contributing to child labour, which keeps them out of school. Make sure to always buy from an adult.


Protect our children

In some destinations, minors offer sexual services. If you suspect somebody of child sex tourism, please report it to


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