Closing the loop for a cleaner Curaçao

Thanks to its tropical beaches and history as a Dutch colony, the island of Curaçao attracts large numbers of Dutch visitors each year, and it is also a popular destination for cruise liners from all over the world. But Curaçao lacks an effective waste recycling system, with major implications for flora, fauna and the health of locals and tourists alike. With support from the TUI Care Foundation, Green Force has a simple solution to tackle this problem—recycling bins. 


Curaçao’s 145 thousand inhabitants produce approximately 2.5 kilograms of waste per day per person. A popular holiday destination, every year Curaçao also welcomes more than 450,000 tourists and hundreds of thousands of cruise guests. Inadequate solid waste collection means many aluminium cans, plastic bags and other waste end up in the streets as litter.

Without an effective recycling system and laws for solid waste management, more than 95% of the rubbish currently collected ends up in landfill—not a sustainable option for a small island. Recycling offers a solution that can help prevent nature reserves from being used as landfill. Increasing awareness and providing new avenues for recycling waste will help to clean up the island for future generations.

With TUI Care Foundation support, Green Force is committed to boosting recycling in Curaçao by placing recycling bins in various locations so that waste can be separated and collected. The first 33 recycling stations will be placed at different hotels and catering enterprises on the island.

Waste will be divided into aluminium, plastic and general waste, and Green Force has purchased a machine that grinds plastic bottle caps so that these can be more easily transported and recycled. Hotels, restaurants and holidaymakers will also be informed about how they can contribute to a cleaner Curaçao.

TUI Care Foundation hopes to set an example for other organisations on the island to inspire them to play their part in developing an effective waste management system for Curaçao. We’re also supporting rollout of an educational programme on plastic and waste recycling for students on the island. Read more here.

The result will be cleaner streets, a cleaner sea and a healthier habitat for animals, locals and tourists.

Project partner
Green Force is actively committed to facilitating an effective waste management system on Curaçao by making recycling available to everyone on the island.


This project was supported from 2015 until 2016. 


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