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Here you can download pictures, videos and the latest annual report of TUI Care Foundation. 

Press releases and pictures

  • Berlin, 12 February 2020. TUI Care Foundation and Futouris successfully complete project on sustainable food production and consumption for tourism in Crete. (PDF and Pictures)    
  • Berlin, 29 January 2020. TUI Care Foundation and Reef-World empower local Youth Ambassadors to protect coral reefs in the Dominican Republic. (PDF and Pictures)  
  • Berlin, 23 December 2019. Young founders with a purpose – Travel Tech 4 Good announces winners of start-up initiative in Cairo. (PDF and Pictures)
  • Berlin, 18 December 2019. Launch of TUI Academy Sri Lanka – opening up new perspectives for over 150 underprivileged young people through training in hospitality. (PDF and Pictures)
  • Berlin, 2 December 2019. The TUI Care Foundation launches the ‘Big Up Small Business’ initiative to boost local businesses in Jamaica. (PDF and Pictures)
  • Berlin, 27 September 2019. TUI Care Foundation supports vocational training for disadvantaged youth in Greece. (PDF and Pictures)
  • Berlin, 24 September 2019. More than 800 students in Jordan, Germany and Sweden to be part of in-school mentoring programme. (PDF and Pictures)
  • Berlin, 29 August 2019. Keeping sand and sea plastic free in Cyprus. (PDF and Pictures)
  • Berlin, 8 July 2019. Travel Tech 4 Good - TUI Care Foundation and enpact launch tourism startup accelerator in Egypt. (PDF and Pictures)
  • Berlin, 1 July 2019. TUI Care Foundation and PUM Netherlands empower female argan oil producers in rural Morocco. (PDF and Pictures) 
  • Berlin, 12 June 2019. TUI Junior Academy Curacao: Educating Green Teachers for the future generations. (PDF and Pictures)
  • Berlin, 10 April 2019. TUI Cares for South Africa – KwaZulu-Natal’s youth entrepreneurs change the way holidaymakers meet local people. (PDF and Pictures)
  • Berlin, 1 April 2019. TUI Cares for Turkey - boosting rural income by supplying locally-made products to the tourism sector.  (PDF and Pictures)
  • Berlin, 19 February 2019. TUI Care Foundation & IFAW partner to prevent elephant poaching in Kenya through technology. (PDF and Pictures)
  • Berlin, 20 December 2018. TUI Care Foundation supports UNICEF ́s Techno Girls in South Africa. (PDF and Pictures
  • Berlin, 5 December 2018. The future of farming is regenerative and TUI Care Foundation supports taking it off the “soil” in Andalusia. (PDF and Pictures) 
  • Berlin, 9 November 2018. TUI Care Foundation and Plan International: Working together to empower the younger generations worldwide. (PDF and Pictures)
  • Berlin, 1 November 2018. Flavours of Malaga: housewives now hold the key to economic development in their disadvantaged neighbourhoods. (PDF and Pictures
  • Berlin, 20 September 2018. New TUI Academy in Vietnam opens up new perspectives for youth in Hue City. (PDF and Pictures)
  • Berlin, 30 August 2018. Safeguarding a sustainable future for the next generation in Mexico. (PDF and Pictures)
  • Berlin, 25 July 2018. New ways to make traditional winemaking fit for the future.  (PDF and Pictures)
  • Berlin, 5 July 2018. Building on Strong Foundations to Tackle the Consequences of Climate Change. (PDF and Pictures)
  • Berlin, 27 June 2018. Scoring Goals in Tourism with Support of the TUI Academy. (PDF and Pictures)      
  • Berlin, 20 June 2018. Saving 1 million turtles worldwide: Launch of new global TUI Turtle Aid programme. (PDF and Pictures)
  • The Hague, 25 May 2018. TUI Care Foundation in support of UNICEF's emergency relief. (PDF and Pictures)
  • Berlin, 1 November 2017. Empowering Dominican Youth through Education. (PDF)
  • Berlin, 18 October 2017. Tourism: Cape Verde goes greener with collaborative approach. (PDF
  • Berlin, 17 August 2017. TUI Care Foundation supports Pikala, Moroccans cycling the road towards a better future. (PDF and Pictures)
  • Berlin, 17 July 2017. TUI Care Foundation supports future ambassadors for South Africa’s nature and wildlife. (PDF and Pictures)
  • Berlin, 30 June 2017. Building an elephant friendly future in Asia: TUI Care Foundation supports animal welfare group World Animal Protection. (PDF)
  • Berlin, 9 March 2017. Crete – on the way to becoming a model destination for sustainable food on holiday. (PDF)


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