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Please note that we can only accept applications in English.

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If you are a registered charity organisation or small social enterprise you may be eligible to apply. Please check the specific requirements below.

Please note that applications must be submitted in English. Therefore, we encourage non-English speakers to use free online tools for translating their answers.


Emergency responses in local communities in international tourism destinations affected by the lockdown of tourism in the Corona crisis, such as:​

  • Distribution of emergency packages amongst vulnerable families (e.g. food, hygiene supplies, masks etc.)​

  • Childcare facilities and home-schooling initiatives for vulnerable children/ young people ​

  • Community health care responses to the COVID-19 virus ​(e.g. hygiene awareness raising, training of health workers)​

  • Cash relief for social enterprises​

  • Research and lobby activities are not eligible for funding 


Funding of up to EUR 5,000 is currently available per organisation​


  • Small social enterprises with a clear tourism-related social impact mission​ OR charitable organisations

  • Organisations that are legally registered and operational in any of the countries listed ​

  • Organisations that have no religious affiliation and act free of discrimination against ethnicity, nationality, gender, disability, religious beliefs, sexual identity​

  • Individuals are not eligible for funding​


The initiative should take place in tourism regions in these countries:

Aruba, Bonaire, Bulgaria, Cape Verde, Costa Rica, Croatia, Curacao, Cyprus, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Greece, India, Italy, Jamaica, Kenya, Mexico, Morocco, Philippines, Portugal, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Tunisia, Turkey​, Vietnam


  • A maximum of 100 organisations will be supported. As interest may exceed this limit, we kindly ask for your understanding if your application is unsuccessful

  • In the selection procedure a fair geographical and thematic distribution will be taken into account

  • Applications should only be submitted via the online link below. Applications via email or other communication channels cannot be assessed nor responded to

  • The amount granted will be decided by the TUI Care Foundation and may be lower than the amount applied for

  • Organisations receiving support as part of the 100 Helping Hands initiative will share communication materials (such as pictures, videos and stories) for wider distribution. Organisations will be asked to confirm this in the course of the application process

  • Only successful applications will be contacted

 Images  © Plan Vietnam and © Chako Zanzibar.


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